Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Goody Quick Style Paddle Brush: Smooth Sailing?

Goody hairstyling accessories and tools.

We think they are a good thing.

We've bought lots of hair clips, pins, and pony tail holders from the company for years.

But this unique styling hair brush looks like something we've never seen before:

The Goody Quik Style Paddle Brush $11.99, at drugstores). It contains bright blue microfiber water-absorbing bristles---the same color of the Sesame Street Cookie Monster---kinda resembles his hair, fur?!

Goody says it's like a towel and hair brush-all-in-one. And the hairstyling aid promises to cut your drying time by 30%!

It looks like a cumbersome styling tool but it is actually quite lightweight, even though it is a sizable brush. And just a reminder: Only use the brush on WET hair. The Goody Quik Style can be used during blow-drying. It is also designed for detangling locks and to mop up excess water.

No, we haven't tried it yet, although we would like to. We had a minor hair tangling mishap back in late February. We took a small round brush to add some waves to our thick, straight hair and could NOT remove the round brush. Oh, yeah----the brush was wrapped tightly. We panicked, and lost about a 1/4" width of hair in front when we finally were able to untangle our locks. Thank goodness, it is not noticable, except to a hair professional.

So, needless to say, we are wary. Just be gentle with this new paddle brush. Always be alert when using styling tools on wet strands.

Check out this How-To Video.

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