Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Are You Diggin' Halle's Flashback Flashdance Curly Do?

Okay, maybe it's just us.......But doesn't Halle Berry's new curly do look like a vintage Jennifer Beals Flashdance do?!

Even the style of her one-shoulder top with tank underneath resembles the sexy downtown glam from the big 80's flick, 1983, to be exact.

The Academy Award winning actress has been spotted in these curly ringlets at the beach and out on the town with fiance Olivier Martinez. And at age 45, we must admit, Halle can most certainly rock this Flashdance do!

Do you prefer the actress' super cropped gamine cut? Or are you diggin the mass of curls?

Are these curly extensions?

We're not sure.

We can tell you that the right styling tools can keep those sexy ringlets from frizzing out and falling apart. And that brings us to the diffuser, ladies. If you don't have the time to air-dry your curly locks, you can speed up the process by switching on the diffuser attachment to your blow-dryer.

Remember this:
Diffusers run on high heat but operate on low speed. The diffusercirculates the air flow while blow-drying to bring out your natural curl.

Need some help?

Watch this Redken Salon demo on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

LUV this look. I perm my hair to get the ringlets! I use a diffuser too but it's best to air dry and forego the damage.

LaylaL. said...

VERY FLashdance. Good call,even Halles outfit is very Flashdance.LOL