Saturday, May 5, 2012

Vanessa Williams Believes In Microcurrent Facials For Ageless Beauty

Vanessa Williams, a guest on E'!s 'Fashion Police last evening, dished to host Joan Rivers about the cosmetic enhancements she enjoys using to stay ageless.

One of these beauty weapons is Botox, which we've heard Vanessa mention several times before. The other is microcurrent facials.

Now, we were intrigued.

At age 49, we think the talented singer/actress looks fab! So, let's examine the microcurrent facial, a non-invasive procedure that Vanessa swears by to tighten up facial skin, rather than heading in for a surgical facelift.

Firming the facial contour. That's what microcurrent technology aims for as the wand hooked up to this beauty machine glides over the face to strengthen tired, aging facial muscles. A painless, safe impulse or zap is sent through the wand, revving up circulation and stimulating collagen/elastin production.

Results are instant at about $120 per treatment. And the more sessions you attend, the better results you can achieve.

Many celebrities opt for the microcurrent facial BEFORE a red carpet event, because they look refreshed, skin is plumped up and pores look invisible.

So, is this trendy facial as good as a real facelift?

Most plastic surgeons would say, of course NOT. And here's why, according to the experts who weighed in on microcurrent technology at

"Unfortunately, as in most advertising, the hype does not live up to the reality. Microcurrent has been tested and shown to help with wound healing but there is nothing in the medical literature about microcurrent reversing the signs of aging."--D.J. Verret, MD
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

"Microcurrent treatments will not yield results simular to that of a facelift because the energy applied will not result in elevation of the structural components of the face - namely fascia, muscles and fat. Only the very superficial layer of skin and dermis would have any response to microcurrent and I suspect that would be modest at best."--
Douglas Stevens, MD
Fort Myers Facial Plastic Surgeon

"A facelift is the procedure of choice to make permanent and extensive changes in the face for rejuvenation. Microcurrent therapy has some benefits, however modest. It can improve skin tone and slightly change the shape of the structures. It can easily be oversold. Buyer beware. All the best, Tal Raine MD FACS."--
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

We can say that Vanessa Williams looks naturally beautiful. In other words, her face does NOT look tightly pulled back and artifical, so it's possible that she is happy with what plastic surgeons would call 'modest' results.

What do you think?


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