Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hey, It's Alexa Ray! Daughter Of Christie + Billy Grows Into Her Own

We can only imagine how difficult it would be to have gorgeous, legendary model Christie Brinkley as your mom, and then be compared to Christie's supermodel looks, over + over again.
Well, from what we've read, it's been darn nasty. Comments like these have always surfaced:

"Poor kid. She inherited her father's looks and funny eyes."

 Or... "Alexa only got her dad's musical talent and that's it."

Oh, really, dear critics? Take a peek at Alexa Ray now!

Sure, there have been snide remarks about the talented singer getting a recent boatload of plastic surgery. The only surgery that Alexa Ray has admitted to was a nose job a few years ago to remove a bump.

We're not certain the 28-year-old sultry beauty has done anything more cosmetically. Isn't it possible that Alexa Ray Joel has merely grown into her own?

And we think she looks fantastic! Shouldn't we all be celebrating individual beauty?!

The famous daughter of Billy Joel + Christie Brinkley performed last evening at NYC's Cafe Carlyle. Her mom was there cheering her on (see photo).

The exotic-looking, young star has gotten a stylist + makeup artist to enhance her appearance as a performer. And that's an excellent move.

Alexa Ray has gorgeous, doe-eyes. To copy her glam, sexy cat-eye makeup, try black liquid liner. We found this one at It's Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner for $4.15.


amiblue said...

She is gorgeous--more interesting to look at than mom Christy in my opinion.

tara1z said...

gorgeous mother AND daughter.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could get to the show. So talented, Alexa! I'm way out in Nevada.

bethk said...

Chin implant maybe? She looks great. Who cares? So many celebs tweak. Why can't she?

Anonymous said...

BRAVO, Alexa!! SOLD-OUT show!

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