Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Best And Worst Sunscreens For Summer 2008

Consumer Reports did all the testing and lab work on a number of sunscreens. And they found, that we sun-worshipping bathing beauties, are making some wrong choices when we grab a bottle of sun protection off store shelves.

Before you buy your next sunscreen for the summer of 2008, read this:
Most people just look for a sunscreen that shows a high SPF, or skin protection factor. Okay, that's good. However, more importantly are the UVA and UVB rays. As one dermatologist explained it, "Remember UVA rays are the aging rays, and UVB rays are the burning rays."

Scientifically speaking, UVA stands for ultraviolet A radiation. And UVB stands for ultraviolet B radiation.
Most people do not apply enough sunscreen to protect themselves, according to the recent Consumer Reports study. You've got to cover your body and really get every inch of exposed skin.

More advice from Consumer Reports: Choose your sunscreen with the highest protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Make sure the sunscreen is very water resistant or waterproof. And select an SPF of at least 30.

Consumer Reports' 3 Best Sunscreens for the Summer of 2008:

#1. Neutrogena UltraSheer Dry-Touch, 45 SPF. Score: 86/100.
Excellent protection all the way around. Cost: $4.33 per fl. oz.

#2. Hawaiian Tropic Ozone Sport, 30 SPF. Score: 84/100
Very good protection. Cost: $1.50 per fl. oz.

#3. Hawaiian Tropic 15 Plus, 15 SPF, Score: 83/100.
Excellent UVA protection. Average UVB protection. Cost: $1.00 per fl. oz.

Consumer Reports' 3 Worst Sunscreens for the Summer of 2008:

#1. Coppertone Sport Continuous Spray. Score: 31/100.
Scored the poorest out of the bunch for UVA and all-around protection.
Cost: $1.67 per fl. oz.

#2. Banana Boat Kids, 30 SPF. Score: 38/100.
Does not provide adequate UVA protection for children. Cost: $1.00 per fl.oz.

#3. Bull Frog Sport Spray, 36 SPF. Score: 45/100.
Excellent UVB protection, but poor UVA protection. Cost: $2.13 per fl. oz.

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