Thursday, May 1, 2008

NYC Makeup Artist Sandy Linter - Foundation Tips

It would be nice to have New York City make up artist Sandy Linter, arrive each day to ‘put on your face.’ She is a legend in the business and has the resume to prove it. From Eva Longoria to Christie Brinkley, this woman has enhanced the beauty of every face she has applied makeup to. Sandy Linter shares some super tips on foundation, the building blocks to beautiful makeup.

Okay, let’s say your skin is just about perfect. Lucky you. Then Sandy says all you need is a little concealer and blush. And don’t forget a sun-protection cream because Sandy cautions that skin cancers can form on and around the nose later on in life. But if your skin is a bit red, or pale, has uneven tone, large pores, or acne, etc., then you need to cover.

Choosing the right shade of foundation seems nearly impossible, but Sandy says you can get close. “I apply a swipe of color near the neck. On the face under the cheekbone. It has to blend into the skin, not exactly match it. But it should cover. Apply it on broken capillaries or something you need to tone down, like ruddy cheeks. See how the foundation sits on the skin.”

Most women don’t think about this, but a wonderful aspect about wearing foundation, is its ability to fight the elements like sun, wind and cold, harsh winter air. Sandy notes that foundation, even without the spf., still provides a good barrier, especially against sun damage. “And you will never regret saving your skin. It’s all about beautiful skin,” she says.

There Are A Gazillion Foundations—I’m Lost

Alright then. Liquid or cream or powder foundation? The choices appear to be endless, and that is when many women fear to even try a makeup item. But through trial and error, you can find a foundation that balances your complexion and gives you a healthy, sheer glow. For instance, I have oily skin with large pores, but Sandy says foundation can tackle a number of skin problems.

“I usually apply a liquid or cream, and then throw a powder foundation in my bag for touch-ups. That’s also what I do with models, actresses, etc. Most of the time, I use powder foundations for touch-ups, but it depends. They do work very well on oily skin. And I love working with Kevyn Aucoin's The Liquid Airbrush Foundation. With liquids, use your fingers to apply. With creams, use sponges. I use foundation brushes on oily skin. That might be a good trick for you. Armani has a great little brush. A stiff brush beats the foundation into the pores. Sounds gross, but it gives a really ‘pore-less’ finish. The Kevyn foundation is so moist that it is a waste pouring it into a sponge. I apply it with fingers, like a moisturizer.”

Don’t Forget The Blush, Either

On your way to ‘building’ a lovely face and complexion, don’t ignore the steps that follow through. Just applying a foundation or base, is not enough. You want to create a three-dimensional face--- one that features warmth, and enhances skin and bone structure. And that little secret is some blush, according to Sandy.

Whatever you do, remember to treat your skin with loving care. It’s never too late to improve the canvas you were born with. Never go to bed with makeup on. And get into a good nighttime cleansing routine. Like Sandy Linter says, ‘It’s all about beautiful skin.”


Anonymous said...

Sandy Linter is an awesome makeup artist! She never disappoints. I learned a lot of good tips here about foundation.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Sandy Linter is wonderful! I love reading makeup tips from her. This is a great website - keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, ladies. Sandy seems so down to earth. Her portfolio of beautiful faces speaks volumes.