Friday, May 23, 2008

Simple And Smart Skin Tips By Sandy Linter

Are you going to bed? Then wash your face. That is a must for maintaining beautiful skin. Go ahead and laugh, but it is true.

Most of us have gone to bed with stale makeup on at least once in our lives. But it really isn’t good for your skin. Clear pores are necessary. And the body's natural skin-repairing activity goes on when your are sleeping. Therefore, your skin needs to breathe and be very clean!

It’s best to have a routine, according to Sandy Linter. Good nighttime cleansing and skin protection are essential. And Sandy would know. She's a highly-respected makeup artist( working professionally since 1972), who has applied makeup to the skin of so many famous and gorgeous faces.

"A routine is necessary," she says. "I feel miserable when I wake up with mascara around my eyes, etc. Everyone leaves makeup on occasionally. When I do QVC and the Estee Lauder breast cancer events, we start so early, that I tell my client to leave it on (makeup), and I’ll retrace in the a.m. But that is really not often. At first they kind of looked at me suspiciously, but when it can save 20 minutes at 5 a.m., you do it. And that’s the only time I can think of that it works."

For waking up to super skin, Sandy advises using a cleanser, toner, and a night cream. She raves about Lancome's Absolue line. As Lancome describes it, ‘it addresses the effects of chronological aging.’ For more information, go to

Sandy says this trio of steps each night, reaps fine results. "This line (Absolue) is for women over 50. My skin has never looked so clear. And I almost never wore a night cream before. But the texture of this cream is fresh and stimulating. You will feel like you did something good for yourself—like going to the gym."

A jar of Lancome's Absolue Replenishing Cream costs about $110, but many women believe this is a skin-saving investment.

And which celebrity beauty has the best skin she's ever worked with? Cover girl and model Christie Brinkley wins this one, hands down, Sandy says. And Christie Brinkley is 50-something, which just goes to show, that beautiful skin can endure and can be maintained. In other words, a nice complexion doesn’t always belong to a 20-something.

"I still see Chrisitie Brinkley from time to time," Sandy says. "And I made her up initially when she was around 20. She had the best skin then, and she still does. No pores. Even skin. Smooth, healthy coloring. She wins that contest because she has stood the test of time. And she took a lot of sun over the years."

Well, we want to hate you Christie, but we can’t. In fact, we respect and admire you. And to keep looking so attractive and vibrant after 40, and then 50, is simply a standard we can all hope to shoot for.

Whatever you do, remember to treat your skin with loving care. It’s never too late to improve the canvas you were born with. Like Sandy Linter says, ‘It’s all about beautiful skin."

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Anonymous said...

Christy Brinkley looks so pretty. I would like to believe that just expensive wrinkle smoothers alone would give me a face like that, but, I;m sure she has had work done. Let's not be fooling ourselves. She's beautiful, but I think she has a genius surgeon. What do you all think?