Saturday, May 17, 2008

Makeup With Elf---Cheap And Gorgeous

Okay, I had not even heard of e.l.f. cosmetics until about a year ago. I guess I just never paid attention to makeup that barely cost a buck. Well, e.l.f. (eyes, lips, and face) is a truly amazing makeup brand. And if you've never checked out e.l.f., then do so now. And be ready to save a bundle on makeup. Cosmetics are so expensive, it's nice when you can get cheap makeup and still look gorgeous.

ELF has come out with some luscious new shades and products. And they sell cheap but strong brushes, too. all-over face brush for just a buck. You can't beat it. Alright, some of their beauty items cost a bit more, but when you can pick up a great mineral foundation for just $5.00 with 4 skin tones to choose from, you're really on a beauty roll.

I'm in love with ELF's Vanilla Coconut Body Butter ($5.00, 7 oz). The aroma is delicious. And the body butter is made with all sorts of soft and smooth ingredients like---sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter and coconut milk. And there's an entire vanilla coconut line. A body lotion. A hand cream. A hand soap. And a bath gel. The sizes are generous.

I'm also intrigued by ELF's 3 in 1 Color ($1.00). It's a blusher, an eye shadow, and even a lipstick, all-in-one stick of color. The new shades include---Pink Lemonade. Persimmon. Lilac Petal. And Toasted.

You can find e.l.f cosmetics at Kmart Sears Essentials department stores and the BigKmart department stores. Or you can order online.

Learn all about ELF here:

Why not give ELF a try. Cheap makeup can be a very good thing.

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