Saturday, May 3, 2008

Blue Eye Shadow Is Back In 2008

Our girl Eve is definitely rockin' the blue eye shadow in her video (see photo). And she looks hot. It's fresh, not old-school.

Here we go again. Blue eye shadow is back in style in 2008. Blue, blue, and more blue was seen all over the runways. Models in the Betsey Johnson, Blugirl, and Diane Von Furstenberg shows, were all strutting their stuff wearing vivid shades of it. Layered cobalt shadow and electric blue liner. Bright blue liner 'winged up' like cats' eyes. And Betsey Johnson's girls glided by batting eyes adorned with chunky blue sparkles and blue eyeliner. Okay, a bit extreme. But that is the runway. Very disco and 1980s.

You don't have to go over the edge when it comes to pulling off the blue look. A little goes a long way. Kate Hudson was just seen on the red carpet wearing blue liner under the eye. The look was soft and pretty, and new again. And more Hollywood celebs like Beyonce, Hayden Panettiere, and Katie Holmes have all been seen with blue shadow and liner.

I like MAC Powder Eye Shadow in Tilt ($14). Some women describe the shade as denim (see photo). It really does look like a pair of jeans. It's a very wearble day-time shade. It's not a crazy blue. And Tilt looks lovely on all eye colors, especially brown.

You can also try Laura Mercier Eyeliner in Bleu Marine ($20).

And if you're on a budget, Milani's Blue Ice Shadow is a pretty shade for just $3.99. And it looks as good as the higher-priced shadows.

Just remember to have some fun with blue eye shadow and liner. Experiment. Find the blue that looks hot on you.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see an article on blue eyeshadw. I like MAC's Tilt, too. It's a real pretty blue shade.