Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wavy Hair, Bobs, And Ponytails for 2008

Ladies, you really have a choice this spring/summer 2008. Hair is making a statement, and this time, the lengths and textures are all over the place. And if you really crave a platinum head of hair, be brave and go for it!

Backstage at the fashion collections earlier this year, models walked the runways with some of the hottest styles going. And you know how the catwalk rules real life. Sooner or later, you begin to see the trends on the streets of cities and towns all over America.

Let's begin with the very short boy cut. Popular British model Agyness Deyn is rocking the look in a punk way( see left photo). The platinum dye is new for Agyness, but it's really grabbing a lot of attention. Orlando Pita who styled the hair for the Oscar de la Renta show, told In Style magazine this:

"A boyish cut is a good contrast to spring's brightly colored clothing and flowered prints. Short hair is also great for those who want to express a bit of their personality."

If you can't carry off the pixie sweetness of a short hairstyle, that's okay, too. If you have medium to long hair, there are several options. Namely, the loose waves. Wavy, long tresses were bouncing by the runways. Models at the Betsey Johnson show all had the look (see right photo). Long layers can create the effect. Think Jennifer Aniston. That's her trademark these days. And it's a carefree, classic style.

And then we have the bob. Victoria Beckham always has a bob of some length and asymmetry. And maybe you saw Eva Longoria on the red carpet with what appeared to be a wavy bob cut. Surprise, it was carefully coiffed by her stylist and pinned underneath to mimic a bob without losing her real hair length.

Also in vogue at the moment are ponytails. Just about everywhere. The look is young and polished. The straight ponytail is in, and also the curly tail, where the bottom half is coiled up into bouncy curls.

And lastly, the undone bun. It's not your grandmother's severely pulled back bun. This bun is modern and romantic with more loose volume and wave. It looks like it could be pulled apart at any moment. Take out a few strands slightly around the crown.

Still have bangs, and hate to 'part with them,' so to speak? Don't worry. Stylists tell us, fringe is still in. Last time I saw model Heidi Klum at a red carpet event, she had big bangs and long layered hair. Very glam.

Hairspray, mousse, gel, and anti-frizz treatments all help complete the sexy hairstyles for 2008.


Le Quy Loc said...

yeah.. victory backham is one of my hair inspiration for Celebrity Hairstyles 2009.

i like her style in ponytails at the grammy awards pictorial.

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