Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cover Your Own Roots--Skip The Salon

Okay, things are getting crazy around here with the economy out of whack. Prices have sky-rocketed on just about every item imaginable. And if you make constant trips to the hair salon for expensive dye jobs, well, it might be time to cut back. Either that, or go gray, or some other odd shade your hair might really be, underneath all that maintenance. Or let those roots run wild.

No need to panic. There is one way to save a little cash in between those must-do trips to the salon. Cover your own roots. Yes, you can do it. Stretch out the time between your hair color sessions. But how?

With hair powder spray. Remember Pssst Instant Spray Shampoo? It worked without water. All you did was spray it on your oily hair. Fluff it up. Then brush it out. And you got cleaner hair with volume. Alright, if you didn't brush it out enough, your hair was a bit white, but still a genius product. And you can still buy the traditional Pssst ($4.99).

Now the makers of Bumble and Bumble have come out with something even better. Hair Powder Spray ($19. for 1 oz). And it comes in five classic shades: Black, Brown, Red, Blondish for dark blondes, and White for light to platinum blondes. It covers up roots and grays between colorings. It's also a dry shampoo. And it gives great texture and volume to your lifeless locks. Only one word of caution: This colored powder spray can get a bit messy, so be careful spraying the darker shades. You don't want it on your white blouse or white walls. Buy it at B and B salons or here:

Pssst has also come out with a colored version of their traditional Pssst Instant Spray shampoo. Its' called, Pssst Instant Spray Volume and Color ($8 a can). It comes in Brunette and Blonde. It's a new product soon to hit your local drusgtore. It, too, promises volume and will get rid of the oiliness. And add color and shine.

And if you'd like something easier, this is what I do in between coloring: It's like a mascara wand. It's quick, easy, and really covers up roots. Instant Grey Touch Up ($5.99). Just brush away unsightly roots. It's gentle on your strands, and it washes right out. In 5 shades: Blonde. Light Brown. Dark Brown. Black. Auburn. Get it here:

Best of luck, ladies. Nothing worse than roots gone wild.

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