Friday, May 9, 2008

Eye Makeup Magnifying Glasses

If you need to wear glasses to read fine print, well, you just might need a pair of eye makeup magifying glasses to really see how you're applying stuff. Maybe some of you try to put on makeup while wearing your glasses, but boy, that is difficult and the frame gets in the way. Or you try to apply mascara without the aid of glasses and you jam yourself in the eye.
Instead of guessing how to apply eye makeup without squinting, here's a cool invention. They're called eye makeup magnification glasses. And these things have been around for a while. But these glasses are really the only way to apply makeup when you can't see well up close. If someone out there has a better idea, please leave me a comment here.

MagniPlus Eye Makeup Glasses ($49) can be bought online at:

These eye makeup glasses come in four strengths, too. The folks at MagniPlus advise that you buy a magnification strength that is at least one level stronger than your current prescription.
+2.5. +3. +3.5. +4.

What's so great about these makeup glasses? The cool thing being, each lens drops down for full access to the eye. So while you have the lens up on one eye, as you look into the mirror, the other lens drops down so you can apply makeup to that eye. You won't bump into the frame or magnifying glass. It makes life so much easier for applying mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, and tweezing eyebrows. It's also a great thing to have on hand when removing contact lenses or even applying eye drops.

If you have a super makeup artist with you 24/7 (lucky you), then you won't need this information.

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