Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Laser Lipo Melts Away Fat Permanently

This isn’t your mama’s traditional liposuction.

It’s a procedure that actually melts away fat. It’s called laser liposuction, laser lipolysis or better yet, ‘SmartLipo.’ It’s been around Europe, Asia, and South America for a few years now, and less than two years ago, the FDA here, gave the SmartLipo machine the thumbs up.

In a ‘People Magazine’ article, it was reported that, "SmartLipo may be as close as humans can come to that fat-melting fantasy."

And for that idea alone, 'SmartLipo' has become a very popular cosmetic surgery procedure these days..

Todd K. Malan, M.D., a board-certified, cosmetic gynecological surgeon at the Innovative Cosmetic Surgery Centers of Arizona, was the first west coast doctor to offer this breakthrough procedure. He has also become a national trainer of the SmartLipo device. (see photo right)

"I routinely perform 15-20 procedures per week," Malan says. "SmartLipo has been very popular in my practice with patients waiting two to three months for a consultation. I have treated patients from 36 states and five countries, and I train 10-20 physicians a month."

SmartLipo is liposuction with hardly any suction. Lasers are used to melt away fat. Traditional liposuction can remove large quantities of fat. However, it can also produce scarring, bruising and bleeding, sometimes lumpy results, and a longer recovery time.

According to Dr. Malan, laser liposuction can melt away any area of unwanted fat. Fat that is stubborn and remains even after constant diet and exercise. And not just bellies, buttocks and thighs.

"It excels at treating hard to reach areas such as ankles and knees. More importantly, SmartLipo also tightens the skin. It is the preferred method for treating fat in and around the neck, face, and arms.," Malan explains.

What’s remarkable about the SmartLipo procedure, is the control the surgeon has in creating a more perfect silhouette. First, there is the permanent removal of the targeted fat areas. Remember, adults do not form new fat cells.

Then, the laser surgery smooths out the skin and tightens it, too, promoting new collagen growth. A big plus. Lastly, a talented SmartLipo surgeon can sculpt the body like never before. And even more comforting, is that most SmartLipo surgeons prefer to use only local anesthesia.

"This is not only safer for the patient, but allows us to have the patient stand up during the procedure to re-evaluate fatty pockets in the normal, upright position, I prefer to use SmartLipo as a body-contouring tool. With body-contouring, our aim is not for weight loss but to provide a more appealing figure. If done correctly, a size 12 could in many cases, expect a three to four size drop."

So how expensive is SmartLipo? A ballpark figure Dr. Malan gave us—$2,000 per area. He says that is a very common amount charged by most SmartLipo surgeons.

To learn more about SmartLipo and Dr. Malan’s cosmetic surgery practice, visit http://www.irisdocs.com/.

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