Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How To Apply The New Self Tanners

We’ve come a long way. Remember the days of orange, streaked skin? And how messy the whole process was, in trying to fake a tan? Parts of your calves would be dark, but maybe your feet would be pale, and your chest blotchy, all because it was nearly impossible to spread yourself an even tan.

Self-tanners have greatly improved these days, and they’re worth a shot. Why not? We’ve all heard that, "No tan is a good tan." The UVA rays from the sun cause premature aging and unfortunately in some cases, skin cancer. So forget that deep, St. Tropez tan. Why not go for a subtle, golden glow, a hint of summer color that won't break your budget?

What makes these low dose self-tanners attractive, is that they are oil-free, light-weight, and non-comedogenic (won’t clog your pores). They also have a moisturizing base and won’t leave your skin dry and peeling. And the product is made to fade away naturally, too.

Helpful Tips Before Applying A Self-Tanner
1. You should shower first before using a self-tanner. And it’s best to exfoliate, or remove the dead skin layers. In other words, shaving your legs and mildly scrubbing your face with a Buf Puf helps the tanner absorb better onto your skin.
2. Dry your skin thoroughly with a towel, and pin your hair back.
3. Open the tube of self-tanner. Yes. That familiar odor is still present, but not as strong as in years prior. Put an amount in your hand and rub it onto a large area like your leg. Try to work it in well. Applying the self-tanner to your back might be a bit tricky, and that’s where you could use a friend to reach those little nooks and crannies.
4. When applying to the face and neck, be careful of the eye area, and use sparingly on the face.
5. After you’re done, let it dry thoroughly. It can stain, so do not put clothes on immediately.
6. Wash hands with soap and water.
P.S. Most self-tanners do not have an SPF sunscreen in the product, so you are still not safe in the sun with your new faux tan. You can apply a suncreen over your tanner should you be heading outdoors for any length of time.

One Of MyFavorite Self-Tanners On The Market:
Lancome Soleil Ultra Medium Colour Self Tanning Lotion ($31.50) with 40 SPF.
Just Remember: Practice Makes Perfect
Some women complain that self-tanners are difficult to apply. It’s an individual thing. It’s probably best to go sparingly on them at first and wait to see how your glow and light tan is shaping up. You’re not going to look like you’ve been in the Caribbean for weeks, but looking too tan is not in style any longer either. If it’s a healthy golden glow you’re aiming for, then you might really enjoy these popular self-tanners.

Many customers think it’s easier to use a spray tanner than a lotion. But care must be taken in spraying directly on to the face. A better way to use this kind of product, is to spray on the palm of your hand and then apply to the face or spray onto a facial puff and then apply to the face.

Whatever new self-tanner you choose, remember, you’re saving the skin you’re in.

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