Monday, September 29, 2008

Dancing's Brooke Burke Helps New Moms With Baboosh Baby Website

What can we say?!

Television's new mama, Brooke Burke, is stunning after giving birth to her baby boy just 6 months ago.

If you've been watching ABC's 'Dancing With The Stars,' then you've seen beautiful Brooke elegantly gliding across the ballroom floor with her dancing partner, Derek Hough.

At 36, Brooke Burke makes it look so easy. Amazingly, she is the proud mother of 4 lovely children. Yes, four. And she has a great guy by her side, actor David Charvet, an equally proud and doting father.

In addition, she's trying to help mothers everywhere to enjoy the stages of pregnancy, and to remember, that you can regain your figure.

"Your pregnant body is changing," Brooke explained at her website, "It doesn't have to be forever."

So how does Brooke do it? How did she shed those post-pregnancy pounds??!!

With a sound diet, good exercise plan, and also, a genius belly wrap. Look at the photo, above right. We''ll discuss that secret belly fighter in a moment.

We did a little reasearch on Brooke Burke, and came across the website, According to Marc Lawrence, MD, this is how Brooke shed those post-pregnancy pounds.

Brooke eats “five times a day to speed up my metabolism.” For breakfast she has oatmeal with fruit, a midmorning snack and a big salad with some protein for lunch. For dinner she likes to have fish and veggies, sometimes with a glass of wine. She says “the main point is not to starve your body.”

Brooke sounds like she has fun with her workouts. She loves jumping on a trampoline and also enjoys walking and Pilates. With her newborn it’s understandable that Brooke does not get a lot of sleep, but she says she works with her fiance, David Charvet, to “motivate each other to go for walks and hikes. We make it fun.”

Brooke Burke has also designed a genius beauty item to wear, to help new moms shed those extra pounds. You can learn all about Tauts Belly Wrap at her website, Brooke's belly wrap ranges in price from $56 to $62. And many women swear this belly wrap melts away the fat.

Brooke explains how her Tauts Belly Wrap works:
"For centuries, women from around the world have been wrapping their post-pregnancy bellies to get back into shape quickly and naturally. It is believed that a belly wrap reduces the size of the swollen uterus, reduces water retention in the belly, and helps you lose inches fast, all while supporting that unwanted baggy baby skin! Tauts should be worn after delivery for forty days."

Best of luck on Dancing With The Stars, Brooke!


Anonymous said...

I hope she wins! I am a big fan of her and Derek. I like Lacey and Lance too, but Derek won be over with this video-

Anonymous said...


Brooke is gorgeous and a real inspiration for women over 30, who have had kids, and are afraid the body can't bounce back! I mean, girlfriend has 4 kids!!

I think she and Derek will do quite well!