Saturday, September 6, 2008

TRESemme Shampoo + Conditioner Cure For Baldness?

We are going to address the rumor. Maybe you have heard this one:
That TRESemme Silk Protein Healthy Volume Shampoo and TRESemme Vitamin E Moisture Rich Conditioner for Dry/Damaged Hair grow new hair!!!!

No. We can't prove that these two TRESemme products actually cure baldness or thinning hair. Their website,, does not claim that their shampoo and conditioner will grow you new hair or cure baldness.

The rumor started in a syndicated newspaper health column by Dr. Gott last year. A woman had written to the doctor, claiming that her balding husband was starting to see new hair growth after using TRESemme Silk Protein Healthy Volume Shampoo and TRESemme Vitamin E Moisture Rich Conditioner for Dry/Damaged Hair in the shower for about two weeks. Dr. Gott had never heard this claim before, but encouraged his readers to try the TRESemme products and send their stories of growing new hair to him.

The way we see it here at is rather simple. Look, TRESemme has salon-quality shampoos, conditioners, and hair styling products. Their stuff is amazing. Even the Bravo reality TV hit Project Runway, uses TRESemme as their official styling products brand for the show.

We use the shampoo about twice a week, and alternate between a couple of other brands. We have not tried the conditioner yet. It's a super volumizing shampoo. We have noticed more baby hairs growing around the temple as of late, but had not bought the shampoo for the purpose of growing hair. Hey, that's fine with us. The bigger the hair, the better, is our motto.

At least you won't break your budget. For less than $14, you can buy both the TRESemme shampoo and conditioner at your local drugstore. And you won't be tossing your money away, because the hair products are of very good quality, and you get a big amount of product---32 oz. containers each. Can't beat the price.

TRESemme Silk Protein Healthy Volume Shampoo:
"New Tresemm√©® Healthy Volume Shampoo is designed to build body and fullness in hair that lacks volume. Formulated with silk protein and Pro Vitamin B5, this professional performance formula rinses completely for weightless, healthy voluume."

TRESemme Vitamin E Moisture Rich Conditioner for Dry/Damaged Hair:
"Professional formula.Our patented professional performance formula dramatically improves hair's condition.Enriched with natural extracts of sunflower, hazelnut, and almond, rich in Vitamin E.Designed for dry or damaged hair."

Meantime, we will try and contact the fine folks at TRESemme, and see what we can uncover about this alleged cure for baldness and thinning hair.


Anonymous said...

Bless you for doing this story, as I stumbled here to your site. I am suffering from female thinning hair. Its embarassing. I hope this stuff works. Very cheap in price and maybe it will work for me! Keeping fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

hey J Tania, my girlfriend showed me your article here. THANKS! Im going to try the Treseme. I have nothign to lose.

Anonymous said...

Yes my read the story and I have been trying it too... I will post when I see anything change...I will not wear a wig...LOL


Anonymous said...

I love this shampoo. I have noticed a fuller looking head of hair. I read Dr. Got's colume and bought the shampoo. I love it and now my husband is starting to use it. I don't know if you grow more hair, but it has really inproved my hair.

shehnaaz said...

I have used so many products for hair fall treatment, but all in vain. I am in doubt that is it really effective?

Anonymous said...

Well here's my story, I usually buy what's on sale, and found it at the commissary for $2.50, so i bought a couple of bottles. I wear my hair pulled back in a pony tail, well i started to notice all these new sprouting hair strands,I actually had to buy hair gel to keep the little hairs combed down close to my head, i had quite a bit too. I am not lacking in the hair departments, so this was a surprise to me. I highly recommend it if you have thinning hair.

looking for more tresemme

Anonymous said...

Tresemme works. I used this shampoo at my boyfriends place only ONCE. Magic...I literally fell in love with the texture of my hair. Difference was seen just after one use. Once upon a time I used to try many different products for hair care. Nothing really I stopped and gave up. But TRESemme shampoo+conditioner was just a Magic! I am going to buy 3 to 4 more bottles for my Mom and family.

picture framer glasgow said...

It was nice going through it. keep it up the good work.

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Anonymous said...

My father in-law uses the Tresemme Silk Shampoo and the vitamin E conditioner. He's completely bald on the top of his head (shiny no hair bald) after using it for a month he now has tons of baby peach fuzz there and it's getting longer. It does work and I didn't believe in it when my mother in-law was talking about the article she read until I actually seen my FIL in person.

Anonymous said...

When my friend at work recommended Shielo Volumizing Shampoo and I tried it – I was sold on it. I

Here’s about me: I have used some of the best volumizers in the past. I used stay at home a many of days very upset with my flat, lifeless hair. I would see other girls and they had the most beautiful head of hair. I tried all the mousse, gel, spritz, you name it – I have probably used it.

Not now though, Shielo Volume Shampoo made my hair is so full and shiny. I can just blow dry a litttle and go. All day lasting fullness. I tell all my friends about it, and even went as far as to give it in gift bags for the women in my family for this past christmas. I was put off at the price at first, but a little tiny drop makes your whole hair later – and its last longer than the cheaper bottles i used to buy…way worth it!

El Bilson said...

Tresemme isn't bad but I like Aubrey Organics better!

Anonymous said...

After doing some research about using TRESemme shampoo, I began to use it sporadically about a year ago. Recently, I have experienced "New Hair Growth," thick black hairs, not peach fuzz, growing in areas of my scalp that have not seen hair for years. I seem to find new ones every few days. Does it work? I would say "Yes!"

Anonymous said...

I can't find it in the TRESemme' Website. I am suffering from thining hair. if anyone knows how to find in its website? I want the shampoo that grow new hairs.

Anonymous said...

My brother said his doctor recommended Tresemme shampoo and conditioner for thinning, and he was very pleased with the results. I had my hair color treated professionally, and I think the chemicals were left on my hair too long. I was having severe hair loss afterwards, and I began to notice a slight bald spot at the front of my hairline that was never there before (I'm a 28 year old female). I purchased Tresemme shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair, which I have been using for a year now, and my hair has never been so thick. I hardly lose any hair at all when I wash it. I would recommend anybody give this a try, use it for a while, and see if you notice a difference like we did!

Unknown said...

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