Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ashlee Simpson Bucks Big Messy Hair Trend For Cropped Edgy Blonde Cut

We can't decide who looks cuter....Ashlee Simpson with her new cropped edgy blonde cut or little son Bronx with his angelic flaxen locks?!

The sister starlet of Jessica Simpson has bucked the big, messy hair trend and chopped off her very long, signature hair. We call Ashlee brave, on the cutting edge of beauty, and one confident young woman.

While most of Hollywood's glamour girls keep covering their necks and image in super long hair extensions, some dare to go bare, and that's exactly what the singer has done. And we believe, that Ashlee, too, had hair extensions.

So, is Ashlee Simpson's new cropped edgy blonde cut a DO or a DON'T?

We happen to think it is a major DO! It sets Ashlee apart from her celebrity peers and displays her sense of modern beauty style. And there is something almost fragile about her new very light locks and cropped do. She reminds many of us of a young Mia Farrow back in the days of the boyish pixie cut. No, this isn't a pixie, but it's a modern take on the classic, gamine cut.

Ashlee Simpson is definitely a beauty trendsetter. She has worn her hair in just about every color, as you can see in the photo gallery here. And she is able to rock each hair color quite beautifully. She also has great bone structure, including a strong jaw, and she can pull off edgy looks, both in beauty and fashion.

We hate to compare sisters to each other, but we have always found Ashlee to be far more attractive than older sis, Jessica, yes, even before Ashlee had her nose done.

Ashlee isn't afraid to veer away from her beauty comfort zone. She takes chances, and goes against the grain. Hollywood seems to be obsessed with super long hair and/or hair extensions, and the look is getting old and the Kardashian sisters, Gisele Bundchen, Mariah, Guiliana Rancic, sis Jessica Simpson, Fergie, Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Aniston, and the list goes on and on.
It's really refreshing to see Ashlee Simpson Wentz stand out with her new bold cut.


Anonymous said...

I just got my long hair cut like Ashlee's last week and it's very empowering. All my gal pals have long hair but I too am rocking the new Aslhee trend. Not really a Mia Farrow pixie but kinda modern.

Charlotte766 said...

Sorry but Ashlee looks wayyyyyy better with long hair and who really cares if it's extensions?? Alot of my freinds have them and they look really good and real