Sunday, October 31, 2010

Get Jersey Shore Snooki Style For Halloween Or Just For The Pouf Of It

Would the real Snooki please stand up??!!

It's Halloween, so we thought we'd have a little fun! And our beauty spotlight today is on the Jersey Shore's Snooki, all 4'9" of the MTV reality star, including her famous hair pouf!

If you don't know by now, a Snooki costume for Halloween this year, is the most popular one by far.

Yes, you, too, can become Snooki for a night. Getting Snooki style isn't that hard to do. We love Snooki. She's cute, kind-hearted, and the best reason to watch the Jersey Shore. And the petite dynamo doesn't take herself too seriously.

Even Ellen DeGeneres and Joan Rivers both put on Snooki Halloween costumes earlier this week, as did Jenna Wolfe on the Today show this morning.

Snooki is famous for that sky-high pouf. But she claims she doesn't use a Bumpit hair accessory to achieve the height. Instead, the 22-year-old reality star says she has thick hair and uses tons of hairspray to get it right.

You can always buy a Snooki Halloween wig. There are tons of them everywhere. Check out the bottom photo...not a bad replica. Of course, a spray tan really adds to the Snooki image, along with a busty silhouette on display, huge earrings, a very tight dress, sparkly high heels, and some serious eyeliner.

In fact, Women's Wear Daily (WWD) took a look at Snooki style back in July, and writer Cathy Horyn compares Snooki to the legendary Elizabeth Taylor, well, sort of. Read on:

..."She(Snooki) is busty and short-waisted with small legs; sort of like a turnip turned on its tip. There is the weird tan, but the pièce de résistance of Snookiness is the half-doughnut-shaped pouf on top of her head.
... Snooki has a way of putting herself together that while in some ways is atrocious, is completely identifiable to her and consistent with her attention-seeking personality. She wears short, clingy dresses in a pattern or with some metallic trim, huge enameled or bejeweled hoop earrings and glittery high heels.
Lots of 22-year-old women wear revealing clothes, but they may not have her body shape, and it’s a safe bet they’re not rocking a pouf. Though that may change when a line of Snooki hair products comes out. Anyway, the effect has been interesting. 'If you were to draw a cartoon of her, you would know immediately who she is,' said Chris Linn, the executive vice president for pilots at MTV. 'She’s an icon.' "

As to how Elizabeth Taylor fits in, there's more:

"The reason she makes me think of Elizabeth Taylor — quite apart from the unbridgeable divide of talent and beauty — is that photographs of Ms. Taylor in the 1960s, many of which recently ran in Vanity Fair, confirm a short, busty woman with high hair, big jewelry, garish taste in clothes and a complete indifference to the cyclonic effect that all that produced."

Ouch! We're not going to touch those statements. Anyway...Happy Halloween!

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Trish4 said...

Geez--could you lower your standards any deeper! SNOOKI on Beauty Tips?? Because its Halloween, I'll forgive you..LOL!!