Thursday, October 21, 2010

L'Oreal Launches INOA Hair Color For Better Color Penetration

L'Oreal Professional's new dye job is no snow job. In other words, INOA Hair Color is a revolutionary new way to color hair, without the stink, ammonia, or the fading! And L'Oreal will debut INOA in US and Canada hair salons in January.

INOA stands for 'Innovation No Ammonia. What's very different about L'Oreal Professional's new dye system is its consistency. Until now, all hair dyes have been water-based. But INOA Hair Color is an oil-based system that allows dye to go direct and deep into the hair cortex, ensuring perfect penetration. And that means, better gray coverage and beautiful hair color that reduces fading.

And since the traditional route of ammonia is being deleted in this oil-based system, INOA replaces it with an ingredient called MEA or monothenolamine. And this stuff doesn't have an odor Yay! MEA opens up just a tiny portion of the cuticle, so hair and scalp receive gentle treatment.

We are psyched for this. We only wish that L'oreal's new INOA were available for at-home hair coloring, too. The salon is always the best place to have one's locks treated with extra TLC, but we also were hoping for a do-it-yourself option.

L'Oreal Professional's INOA Hair Color comes in 38
gorgeous, light-relecting shades. You can expect to spend an extra 10% more for INOA, than traditional salon treatments. But, if the new oil-based dye job can do all that it promises, well, as the classic L'Oreal saying goes, 'because I'm worth it.'

This could be the hair coloring way of the future!

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