Friday, October 22, 2010

Undereye Circles Need Concealer And Some Effective TLC

Dark undereye circles.
Oh, yeah....We know them so well. It's a hereditary thing sometimes, and even a Mediterranean thing. And it sure, ain't pretty, not on anyone we've seen so far.

So, how do we tackle the sensitive and delicate undereye area?!

With a two-pronged beauty attack.

As we have hammered home to you upon several articles ago, it is important to treat the undereye area with some TLC, or tender loving care. The skin is very thin and prone to show aging there, first on the face. So always use an eye cream. That goes without saying.

And then, take out the two-pronged beauty attack. Allure Magazine has just come out with their annual Best of Beauty list in the October issue, and they have their favorite cream for dark circles and concealer for those undereye circles.

So, let's take a look:
1. Dark Circles cream. Olay Definity Illuminating Eye Treatment ($29.99, drugstores). DWTS contestant Audrina Patridge recommends this one at her website, and we can see why. The formula has good stuff that gently fade circles gradually, while mica brightens up the area ASAP.

2. Undereye Circles cover-up. Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Concealer ($28, at beauty stores like Sephora). Very creamy and very blendable. And according to the creators at Make Up For Ever, this formula is pretty incredible: An oil-free, medium-coverage concealer that covers imperfections while remaining invisible to high-definition televisions and the naked eye.

Hey, it's better than walking around every day with your dark undereye circles naturally showing. Trust us, people will notice the bare's where our eyes are drawn to. Why not give these circles some TLC and make them cosmetically disappear for a while.

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