Friday, October 8, 2010

Remember Mood Rings: Color Yourself Happy With New 'In The Mood' Polish

Your eyes certainly say a lot about you. But what about your nails? Could your manicure/pedicure be the new picture of your soul? In other words, emotions found right at your fingertips or cute little toes?

Let's not get carried away here, but, we have stumbled onto a new beauty product that claims to 'color you happy,', or any other mood you happen to be in. It's a new shade-changing nail polish called, In the Mood. And the $8 a bottle formula promises to switch hues when your body temperature changes, as well as your state of mind.

Remember those cool 1970s mood rings? Maybe your parents wore them, or maybe you are old enough to have bought a few. Mood rings work on the same basic idea, but the technology is a bit more advanced in a mood ring, so you get a wider range of fluctuating colors---black, red, blue, yellow, and so on. Mood rings contain thermotropic liquid crystals that respond to changes in temperature, which then alters the color. Okay, enough science here. We can tell you, that In the Mood shade-changing nail polish comes in 6 vibrant colors with names like these: Mellow. Hyper. Flirty. Devious. Curious. And Blissful.

And according to their website, this is how the polishes actually work:

"These playful nail polishes change color based on your body temperature, your mood, the heat of your latte... or, of course, the chill of your iced coffee! And they will continue changing back and forth as long as your wear them. Cool swim in the ocean? Warm subway ride? Frigid morning run? Sitting under the hair dryer at the salon? Amuse yourself by guessing what shade your delightfully bi-polar nail polish will be at any given moment!"

By the way, we found this little tidbit from a woman that seems to know a lot about nail polish: "The mood polish is best used on acrylic nails, not just because of the barrier between the polish and the nail bed, but also because the extended tip does not hold heat and allows for a more dramatic color gradient."
If anything, shade-changing nail polish sounds like fun., good mood, or otherwise.

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