Sunday, October 24, 2010

Celebrities Wrapping Up: Infinity Scarf Still Big Trend For Fall

Feel like wrapping yourself up, especially with the cold fall air upon us?

Then do what beautiful celebrities have been doing. And cocoon yourself with a lovely infinity scarf

The endless or circle scarf remains a big trend for Fall 2010! And we can see why.

It's a great accessory, because you don't have to worry about how to tie it. That step has been taken care of....the ends are already 'sewn together.' All you have to do is place the big loop over your head.

You can let it hang loose, like Selena Gomez shows us with her scarlet red infinity. Or you can double-loop it like Blake Lively does here.

Infinity scarves come in all types of styles and fabrics. You can go casual, formal, and business, depending on the material.

We, especially, adore Jessica Alba's hot leopard infinity scarf, since animal prints are really huge this season. And check out Kim Kardashian's striking, black and white print infinity. It makes her outfit. Shop around. You will find infinity scarves in dept. stores like Target to higher end stores like Saks. There's an infinity scarf out there for every budget.