Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halle's Hair Getting Shorter And Shorter To Get Ready For Shaved Head Movie Role

Halle Berry's pixie cut seems to be getting shorter and shorter each month. Look at the photo below--- there's the gorgeous actress in September. Now check out the photos of Halle hanging out with her new man actor Olivier Martinez, last week in L.A.

A lot of fans want to know why Halle Berry is rockin' a new, too boyish crop?

Well, first of all, we've seen quite a few sexy celebs chopping off their long locks for the new pixie-do, like Ashlee Simpson and Janet Jackson. And Halle is working the super short hairstyle, too.

But there could be another reason why the ageless 44-year-old movie star has suddenly gone scissor-crazy, and that has to do with a new film role in the works for Nappily Ever After:

"I’m going to shave my hair, shave my head bald for this movie. I can’t wait. I’m going to be greasehead bald. I can’t wait.".

Halle will play the role of Venus:

"The movie, it’s all about a woman... You know that relationship that women have with their hair and how hair throughout history has defined us and how we’re in such bondage? Everything is, ‘If my hair’s not right, then we’re not right.’ So my character, at the beginning of the movie, something is done to her and her hair starts to fall out. She decides one night after being drunk trying to deal with the fact that their hair is dragged up, she’s drunk and she decides to shave her hair completely bald. Now she has to face the next morning with no hair and how her whole life and everybody around her is now different and behaves differently. Because she was this beautiful goddess with this long hair and now she’s bald and how she’s different now. She’s forced to look at what beauty really is and it comes from inside, obviously, not from the outside. But it’s a hard lesson for us to get and this movie will sort of expose that and help us sort of come to terms. And maybe every time we hear thunder, we won’t go running for cover.".

We can't wait for this movie, where once again. we see Halle Berry in such a vulnerable role, like her Academy Award performance in Monster's Ball. And can't wait to see her bald.


Anonymous said...

Now it makes sense why Halle was chopping off her hair. Ikept wundering what she was thinking. It was kinda butch. Just sayin.

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