Friday, October 1, 2010

Oprah Tries To Make Point About Aging Beauties In Hollywood.

Oprah. When the talk show titan speaks, most women really listen.

But what was the point of Oprah's show yesterday? She had three famous actresses---youngest- Teri Hatcher, middle- Cybil Shepherd, and oldest- Lynda Evans. The attractive trio sat down with Oprah to discuss, aging, beauty, and what society expects when a woman gets older.

Frankly, we learned very little. We did get to see Teri Hatcher, Cybil Shepherd, and Linda Evans without makeup. Okay, that was a bit frightening, but very honest.

And we can only imagine how difficult it is for a Hollywood celebrity over 40 trying to maintain her looks and still play a significant role on television and in movies.

As the trio explained on Oprah yesterday, the fans expect celebrities to keep that perpetual and impossible appearance of beauty and youth. And that society worships young women and tosses the old for the new. Yeah, we get that. We've all known that for years.

The women say they have found that people tend to be disappointed by what they see in real life, because the public has become so used to seeing actresses as glossed-up cover models, which in reality, they are not. There's a lot of re-touching going on.

But Oprah did not go far enough. The only actress who was very honest about what she has done in the past to stay youthful, was Dynasty's Lynda Evans. She spoke about having a facelift at 50 because she wanted one and was seeing a man 12 years her junior, singer Yanni.

But has Oprah had any work done? Or used injectables like Botox or Juvederm? Why couldn't Oprah come clean?? Why didn't she press Cybil Shepherd further and Teri Hatcher, as well? And is it really a sin to use Botox?

We do expect, and probably foolishly, that our favorite celebrities stay gorgeous and young forever, but that's just the business they are all in. We also expect male celebrities to still look hot, and get disappointed when they are not. We think the same rules apply, although not as harshly.

Celebrities have a lot of money and resources to get the very best in anti-aging procedures and products. We don't think it's bad to try and stay healthy and attractive as we get into our 40s and beyond.

Look at Christie Brinkley, Helen Mirren, Sophia Loren, mama Kardashian Kris Jenner, and so many other women in the public eye. They are proof that women can still maintain sensible beauty when society tries to prove that they are beyond the so-called expiration date.


SexyGrammy said...

Youre right. Im 54 a grandmom and look better than Cybil Shepard. Thse women can give up but not me. Oprah + gayle wanna get lazy and get fat but what's the point of that? Looks lioke Terri Hatcher has some makeup on in those BEFROE shots. Not sure about their truth in advertising.

Wish Oprah had picked better women for her point.

Anonymous said...

Good point BUT--where do the rest of us get the Oprah bucks to buy new faces and bodies, etc.
Im sure if most older women had the cold hard cash, they would get a better neck or eyes that don't have bags and so forth.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but Cybil Shepard looks really really bad. She lets herself go.My mom is 60 and looks way better than her. Just saying.