Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Critics Claim Heather Locklear O.D.s On Fillers...But At 49 She Still Rocks

Heather Locklear.

She's always been known as one of TV's most beautiful women. But when she recently showed up at daughter Ava's modeling gig, tongues started flapping, and people started saying: What's happened to Heather Locklear's face?! Too much filler?!

What happened? Well, gee, folks, sorry, but life does go on, and the glamorous television star just happens to be 49-years-old. And for being just shy of 50, we think Heather Locklear still rocks it, and we are sure, that most men would not pass up a chance to be in her presence.

So, let's look at the rumors circulating about the beautiful California girl. The photos shown here include Heather, today at 49, And the photo below, appears from her days with husband Richie Sambora. We will guess that the bottom photo is at least 10 years old. In Heather Locklear's defense, no woman on the planet, looks the same after 10 years.

But then there is the chatter about Hollywood women in their 40s, overdosing on fillers, Botox for forehead wrinkles, and plastic surgery, such as cheek implants. And that same talk has been going on about Madonna.

What has Heather done to her classically beautiful face?

We can only guess. We're certainly no expert, but we can honestly note some sun damage to her eye area. Big deal. Most people see this general aging in their 40s. And fine lines and wrinkles deepen as we get older.

But there are some pros who figure that Heather Locklear is trying to correct the signs of aging through cosmetic enhancement. This is what these experts told the Orange County's In Your Face:

Plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer of New York told MakeMeHeal, “Heather Locklear is still beautiful. She appears to have slightly fuller lips and cheeks, which may be due to fillers. Her forehead appears higher than previously and eyebrows have changed shape. She may have the Botox effect or, possibly, a brow lift causing these changes.”

Plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia of San Clemente and Anaheim told them, “Heather Locklear has had facial work including probably a facelift, eyes, forehead lift and mid-face lift plus or minus cheek implants. A bit heavy on the lip filler but this is so common.”.

And fans don't want to see their favorite, gorgeous TV icons getting any older or less attractive:
“Poor Heather!” declared a reader on the “In Your Face” page on Facebook.

The problem that’s visible in her face, plastic surgery consultant Wendy Lewis tells In Your Face, is “a combination of overfilling and a hard life.” She added that ” Heather was every teenage boy’s fantasy for a few decades so we should cut her some slack.”

Cut Heather Locklear some slack indeed!

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OMG! Hate that too high cheekbone--Madonna KimK.Tel them all to stop!