Monday, October 4, 2010

Bleached Brows Big Again For Spring 2011: Silly Or Sexy Look?

Bleached brows are sneaking back in again on the runways. And that means for Spring 2011, the bleached, 'no-brow,' almost invisible frame for the eyes, is trying to become a mainstream look.

Well, is it a silly or sexy look?

During NY Fashion Week, designers like Marc Jacobs sent his models down the runway, wearing barely-there eyebrows, a very late 70's and early 80's glam, punk look.

We wrote about the bleached brow look, when the funky trend appeared on the runways a year ago. Apparently, the look is still hot.

But should you get in on this look?

What we always like to say: Just because you see it on the runway, doesn't mean it works here, in real life.

Whatever you do, do not shave off your eyebrows! You could bleach them yourself with Jolen creme bleach, if you really want in on this latest beauty trend (We used to do this years ago).

We, here at, have also written several articles on how to keep our eyebrows fuller and more natural
We have told you time and time again, that too much plucking, will yield scraggly, thin brows, by the time you reach your mid-30s to early 40s.

And our makeup legend friend, Sandy Linter, has been blunt about the whole brow plucking issue. She says the biggest beauty mistake she sees, are women with too-thin eyebrows. According to Sandy, that ages a woman immediately.

We have had pale brows and thin ones---huge mistake. We think the look is kind of vacant.

Then again...if you're under age 25, try it on.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!That's GROSS!I agree that runway loooks aren't always translatable to the street.

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