Tuesday, October 19, 2010

For Perfect Skin: Commit To Daily Routine And Take Makeup Off Before Bed

Perfect skin Sigh.....it's not easy to achieve it. We know we work very hard just to keep our own clear, healthy, and hopefully, less wrinkled.

We have very oily skin with large pores. And yeah, there are women who are blessed with almost non-existent pores and smooth, even-toned complexions.

We are envious, but we also have come to learn, that more beautiful skin can be developed or created, so to speak.

And as any skin expert would tell you:

1. You must commit to a daily routine, no matter what your age or skin type. This has to become a key part of your normal day-to-day life. Start in a simple way---a gentle cleanser and a sunscreen for daytime. At night, before retiring for bed, use a repairing moisturizer. There....those are the very basics of 'building' perfect skin.

And if you think you are one of the lucky few who can skip washing your face before bedtime, think again. You must remove all makeup and any traces of old sunscreen, moisturizers or grime before your nighttime routine. If you do not wash away stale makeup, then you clog up pores, and break-outs will occur sooner than later.

Also, if you do not remove daytime makeup, then that repairing moisturizer you apply before bed, will not be able to work as effectively. You need a clean slate, and that applies to all complexions looking for repair.

Perhaps, celebrity dermatologist Frederic Brandt has said it best, about maintaining a sensible attitude regarding lifestyle:

"It is important that patients take care of their skin by avoiding sun exposure (always use an UVB-UBA sun screen). They can be using a very expensive repair cream at night, and then the following day, they play golf or tennis under the sun all day without proper protection. Clean your face extremely well, especially before going to bed, and maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine," Dr. Brandt explains.

Try Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser ($7.10, at drugstores). This is a favorite among many women, and does what it says, in a kind and non-irrtating way.

And Dr. Brandt UV SPF30 Face ($30, drbrandt . A super sunscreen skin protector. Helps decrease pigmentation induced by UV exposure; preventing photo-aging.

A great repairing moisturizer for nighttime is Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream ($7.99, at drugstores). A soothing and refreshing base that works on skin while you sleep.

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