Saturday, October 9, 2010

Faux Fur Vests Fab Fashion Trend For Fall 2010 Into Winter 2011

It was only 45 degrees when we rolled out of bed this Saturday morning. A cool, crisp wind surprised us, as we went out to retrieve the newspaper.

Fall is definitely here, and what better way to 'fall into' the fab trend for Fall 2010----the faux fur vest. A lot less bulkier than a coat, and quite a versatile styling piece!

We have, er, fallen in love with Michael Kors' version of this hot fashion trend. It's called, the Michael Kors Faux-Fur Coyote Vest (bottom photo):
Khaki faux coyote fur (acrylic).
Shawl collar; hook-and-eye front.
. And it retails for $130.

Faux fur vests look super with a pair of jeans and boots. You can wear the vest daytime or nighttime.

For a cheaper version, you can also try Old Navy. Their faux fur vest is a little shorter in length, and comes in black or brown and only costs $29.50 (top photo). And just as lovely.

Just remember to watch proportions, as a faux fur vest can add a little volume to the mid-section.

And, no beautiful animals have been harmed in this fab Fall fashion trend. So, everyone comes out a winner here. Plus, these vests are great-looking!

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TarynV. said...

The OldNvay vest is FUGLY when you see it in person.No kidding. You're better off with the Micahel Kors faux fur vest.I believe you have to spend a bit more to make fauz fur look really good otherwise wear the real thing.Just saying.