Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Duck Feet-Shaped Nails?! Would You Get A Mani Like This?

We don't even know where to begin.

Someone's gotta be into this growing trend.

We're talking about duck feet-shaped nails. Look at the top and middle photos. Those are the proud hands of the Jersey Shore's own Snooki. The pint-size celeb was ahead of the trend already last October, sporting alternating black/white stripes with flashy rhinestones.

The pic below is just one of the many examples out on the internet showing off the latest in artifical nails. Let's face it....There's a party going on with this odd mani. It looks very Niki Minaj to us, but hey, we're not even sure the glam rap singer would be into this beauty trend. And we know how much Nicki loves her bad-a** Barbie nails, but the duck feet mani is a bit extreme.

We found some available on Ebay. Oh yeah, you can pick up a set for about $12.

Would you put on duck feet nails?

As long as you don't have to consume food or do much of anything else while you have them on, the duck feet-shaped nails are a piece of art, for the very bold.

We think Snooki can rock 'em. Not sure she'll be investing in a duck mani following the birth of her baby, but you never know.


lisa-lou said...

can u say TACKY?

Anonymous said...

How dare you include this shlub in your sophisticated beauty blog. UGH!