Saturday, January 28, 2012

Brow Gel: A Little Dab Is Necessary Says Eyebrow Expert


If you're a faithful reader of BeautyTipToday, then you've seen a number of articles about brows, and the challenges that go with achieving the perfect, full set.

Since we used to pluck like a mad woman when we were younger, we've been frustrated for years trying to grow out our anemic-looking hairs. And these days, we have had better success by leaving them alone and rubbing in a little Retin-A cream over the brows, which appears to make them grow faster.

Meantime, like many women, we apply a little pencil to fill in any open areas. And today, we are examing clear brow gel, and its importance to a beautiful, polished set of eyebrows.

Nicoleta Barbarasa, a brow technician at the Jose Eber Salon in Beverly Hills, tells People magazine, this:

"I can't live without brow gel. Not only does it keep your brows looking perfectly maintained throughout the day, but it also helps direct hair growth in a flattering direction."

Great beauty brow tip!

And you can find clear brow gel in every neighborhood drug and beauty stores around.

We stumbled onto the Sephora store online and found a super deal on a very good beauty brand. Anastasia Beverly Hills, Clear Brow Gel, a set of 2, at a low price! Regularly, a $42 value, ON SALE now for $30.

We all know that Anastasia is the queen of the perfectly groomed and arched brows, so this is a quality brow gel. And this is what the product can do for you:

"This set of two clear gels for all hair colors help you set, define, and shape your brows all day for a lustrous, natural look. Formulated with conditioning botanicals, this gel keeps unruly brows in their place without any flakiness."

Just a dab will do you, and you're set for the day.

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