Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Emma Stone Wears It: New Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Foundation


You either wear it, or you don't. But actually, you SHOULD put some on.

Makeup artists will tell you, that EVERY woman can benefit from a little foundation. It evens out skintone. It hides blemishes and other little problems, protects the skin from the harsh elements--sun, wind, cold, and gives the complexion a healthy glow.

But you also want a foundation to do its job in the lightest way possible. In other words---you don't want to feel it's sitting on top of your skin, and you want it to look as invisible as a makeup can.

This is where Revlon's new PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Foundation comes in. It promises to feel as 'light as air.' and deliver a 'smooth, poreless look.'

Okay, we're in. We will try this one. We love Revlon foundations, and have been a fan of their ColorStay SoftFlex liquid foundation for a number of years now.

But we're intrigued by the PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse ($13.99, at drugstores) because of, well, the mousse. Just press the button gently to release a lightweight air-infused foam mousse that supposedly blends seamlessly. It's got a 'whipped texture' for easy blending.

Who doesn't want an airbrushed face?

23-year-old actress Emma Stone is doing commercials for the new Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse.

We're not 100% sure this new Revlon foundation can do the job, but we like the beauty advancement and beauty science that goes into creating new, better makeup. So, we say, it's worth a BUY.


Nikki said...

Revlon's Mousse is a really good product. I'm happier with the results I get when I use it than when I use higher end products like Dermablend or Smashbox. It really is a lightweight formula that gives the face a nice natural glow. It doesn't look fake at all! I definitely recommend this product to all!

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