Thursday, January 19, 2012

How Trial Size Beauty Products Can Make A World Of Difference

Let's be honest here....When it comes to skin care, taking care of your face and body isn't cheap.

Anti-aging serums and creams can cost a lot. Yes, most of them are formulated with the latest in beauty science technology. But some, unfortunately, are made with big dollar signs in mind, and are probably doing as much for your complexion as the little, inexpensive jar of moisturizer you'll find at the corner drugstore.

So, what's a gal to do?

First, do your beauty homework. Learn what kind of skin you have, its strengths and weaknesses.

Then, you're on your own. Read up on what new and effective products are out there to keep your complexion youthful, glowing and protected. Read our Beauty Tip Today articles here, too. We can learn together.

And after that---look for the trial size beauty products available.


Samples are the BEST way to try out a skin care product. First, you save major money this way. Second, you are trying a formulation you hope will benefit your complexion. But since each person's skin is unique, what works for Mary Sue might not work for you. And if the trial size cream doesn't suit you, you can just toss away, and not feel guilty about the dollars you would have plunked down for a full size beauty product.

We call this, 'Trial by beauty.'. It's a great way to sample mini size beauty products until you hit the right one for your facial needs. And we like shopping at this website, PlatinumSkinCare.

99% of Platinum Skin Care products are available in trial sizes. You can't beat that. Plus, it is an excellent skin care company that offers beauty from a to z.

And this is how their trial size packaging works:

"You will find that we have a few different packaging options in our trial sizes. Some products need to be bottled, some need to be in jars, but most are fine in our new packets. Packets are more "eco-friendly" and we will try to put most products in them. *No matter what type of packaging the product is a 1/4oz (2 dram) sampling unless otherwise stated as a single-use packet. Generally speaking liquids and serums generally yield 3+ uses, and Creams will give 2-4 uses."

We have sampled some super serums and chemical peels through Platinum Skin Care's trial size offerings.

In addition, the company also gives away trial size freebies! Check this out:

"Whenever you place an order with us you can choose a free trial size product from our drop down menu. You will find this in our shopping cart checkout process. As long as the sample is in stock it will be shipped to you."

If you've ever been afraid or truly hesitant to explore new beauty products, then go the trial size route. You're saving lots of money, and at the same time, finding better ways to protect and rejuvenate your skin.

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