Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cheap Cover Girl Cheekers In Classic Pink A Great Go-To Blush

For 5 bucks or less, depending on where you live, you CAN pick up a cheap, but great blush at the drugstore.

Okay, so the small rectangle container isn't so amazing, nor is the miniscule brush included, BUT----the powder blush in Classic Pink is very nice! Look for # 110.

This shade looks almost bubblegum pink, but don't worry, there is nothing tacky or juvenile about this hue. It is a soft pink color that is buildable and looks pretty up and down the skintone range. We have a light olive complexion, and CG's Classic Pink warms up the cheeks with a healthy glow.

It's a matte pink blush. It isn't buttery soft, but it is a hard-pressed powder and sheer enough, when applied. And it lasts for several hours when you put it on.

We like to say, 'Even though it's drugstore makeup, that doesn't mean it isn't high quality. Sometimes, cheaper is just as good.' And in the case of CoverGirl Cheekers Classic Pink blush, you won't be disappointed.

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lea said...

don't laugh-been using classic pink for about 4 years now and luv the but does the job!