Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fujifilm Goes Global With Anti-Aging Beauty Line: No Foolin'

Smile, ladies!

Your face can now look younger, thanks to the experts at Japan's Fujifilm photography corporation. Scientists have learned to harvest a special collagen to turn back time, along with an added natural ingredient known as astaxanthin, which is believed to protect the skin from ultraviolet light.

What's even more bizarre, is that Fujifilm developed, so to speak, the Astalift beauty line idea from it's use of collagen in the making of traditional photographic film.

Did you know that collagen is used in photography to stop old photographic images from fading?!

Wow! This is fascinating beauty science! And apparently, the pros at Fujifilm have been studying this stuff for quite a while:

Andrzej Brylak, director of Fujifilm's European beauty and health division, says that, "Collagen only started being used by the cosmetics industry relatively recently.

"It is a key ingredient in film emulsion and we have a very long history of research in this area. Preventing oxidisation from light exposure is also a big issue in protecting film and a similarly big issue in preventing skin damage."

In Japan, the award-winning Astalift skin care line has been around since its debut there in 2007. And the company has recently launched the line in Singapore. So many women are raving about Astalift. Prices begin at $42, and the beauty products include day and night creams, cleanser, eye cream, collagen powder, and more. And now the European market is next to try Astalift. Lucky you!

The sales of Astalift skincare products will start in February, in France, with UK, Germany, and Spain to follow throughout 2012.

We are certain, that the U.S. will also get its chance to try the cutting-edge Astalift line. We will keep you posted! In the meantime, Ebay is selling a few Astalift skin care items here.

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Anonymous said...

WTF????Now this is what I call amazing news.I want to try this ASTALIFT right now!But I can't figure how to buy it.I go to the website in Japan but can't purchase it.Why woukldn't Fujifilm try it here in the U.S.?