Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Must-Have In Every Makeup Bag: Undereye Concealer

Being of Mediterranean heritage, we understand the whole dark circle thing. It's just part of our genetics. We have light olive skin, and still, wake up with dark undereyes. Frustrated, but we accept the problem.

According to Susan Van Dyke, a dermatologist from Paradise Valley, Arizona, there is a reason.

People with darker complexions, like those of Mediterranean background, tend to have more prominent dark circles underneath their eyes because they have more pigment, or melanin, in their skin. "Darker people tend to have darker circles," Dr.Van Dyke says.

But let us expand this whole beauty science one step further:

Most women have dark undereye circles. Period. And other culprits that trigger the circles are certain medications, skin under the eyes is thinner causing blood vessels to appear more noticeable, allergies such as pollen,and aging skin with loss of fat pads casts shadows, etc.

So, in other words, undereye concealer is a MUST-HAVE in every gal's makeup bag. And sure, it is difficult to get a perfect match for your unique dark circles BUT---trust us, NOT applying anything UNDER the eyes looks much worse. At least covering up those circles with a little foundation makes a world of difference.

30 Rock star Jane Krakowski can't live without this undereye helper:

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder ($22, at Sephora. The product is special, because it sets your undereye concealer and adds a luminous boost to the . And the Secret Brightening powder comes in 2 shades:

Color #1: for fair to medium skin tones.
Color #2: for medium to tan and darker skin tones

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