Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Perfect Foundation Match? J.Lo Wears L'Oreal W6

We don't believe there is a PERFECT foundation match out there.

We don't care if it's liquid, powder, cream, airbrush, or any kind of other foundation mixture. You can come very close to matching your makeup to your complexion, but absolute perfection? We don't think it exists.

So, why wear foundation?

It's simple. Foundation is the building block to your makeup routine. Blush, concealer, eye shadow, etc., all look more polished with a base underneath it all. Plus, foundation, evens out your skin tone and adds a subtle warmth to your face and hides minor imperfections.

We can't help you match your foundation to your complexion. It's very hard to do. You can test a shade by applying some to your neck first, to see how the color blends in or doesn't blend in next to your face. We can't even get it totally right, so you are on your own. But, the cosmetics industry has come a long way, and foundations are on the forefront for finding your perfect match.

We just noticed Jennifer Lopez in a new, glossy magazine ad for L'Oreal's True Match superblendable foundation. And it states:

The Story Behind My Skin:
100% Puerto Rican
Jennifer Lopez, 100% True Mtach W6Sun Beige

L'Oreal's True Match foundation claims that after 7 years of research and working with 57 ethnic backgrounds, they've developed 33 foundation shades, including---your perfect match.

Also, L'Oreal says you are 100% guaranteed to FIND your perfect match. We found some at for $11.49 a bottle.

We have not tried True Match, but when it goes on sale, again, we will pick up a bottle, and hopefully find our OWN true match.

In the meantime:

The Story Behind My Skin:
100% Greek
J. Tania Stylianos, Revlon ColorStay Soft Flex, Nude

Not that anyone should care.

Not a PERFECT match, but the best we have found so far, for our light olive skin.


LAM said...

I'm 100% Puerto Rican, and there's no way I can wear the same shade of foundation as JLo. This ad is completely insulting to be honest.

CarlaInCalifornia said...

Jennifer Lopez was born in the Bronx, NY. That would make her American and a New Yorker, but not "100% Puerto Rican" despite the fact Puerto Rico was "bought" by the United States.

What's wrong with being 100% American with Puerto Rican ancestry? It doesn't sell.

BTW - I'm 100% American with Spanish, Sicilian, Mexican and Moorish ancestry. I can't wait to learn what my perfect shade of foundation is because it's obviously not JLo's shade. [I'm closer to Sara Ramirez of Grey's Anatomy]

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