Monday, January 2, 2012

Paper Facial Masks: Asian Beauty Trend To Hit Sephora Stores In 2012

Paper facial masks.

Hmmm. We like to believe that we are up on all the best beauty and skin care science out there, but this one, clearly got away from us.

Paper facial masks are big in Asia, and now that trend is headed our way. Sephora stores will begin launching these single-use facial masks in March.

It reminds us of papier mache, the fun school craft we excelled at, where thin strips of paper are dipped into a flour/water glue paste and applied to a balloon, for example, as the base of the project you are making.

Paper facial masks are much less complicated. These individually-sized facial packets are friendly to the environment---made of bio-degradable ingredients, like cellulose, silk, bamboo fibers, or thin paper.

And just like a clay mask, you put it on and relax for about 20 minutes. After that, just peel the paper mask off. Then toss it away.

Korea is known for its great paper masks. And these instant beauty fixers are cheap over there---some as low as $1.00 each.

We did a little digging online and found a few shopping beauty sites offering paper facial masks, including popular Some were quite inexpensive---just $2.00!

We also found a popular paper facial mask brand in Vancouver called, MyFaceWorks at From rose water to aloe vera, there's a paper facial mask for you, each one infused with effective anti-oxidants to give your complexion a firm lift and healthy glow.

BeautyTipToday will keep a sharp eye out for the Sephora launch this March. We are intrigued by the entire paper mask concept.


Mrs.G said...

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