Friday, January 27, 2012

Even Iconic Supermodel Says 'Filler Up' To Injections, Allegedly

She will turn 46 in February. She's the mother-of-2-children. And yeah, she still looks darn good.

We're talking about iconic supermodel Cindy Crawford, the girl with the mole who turned the modeling industry upside-down with her killer curves and unique beauty.

Ever since the new year began, there's been lots of buzz about Cindy and her new face. Many people have observed, that she 'looks different.'

Let's observe. The top photo shows the model 20 years ago, in 1992. And the other photos show Cindy and husband Rande Gerber at a Lakers game about 2 weeks ago. Gorgeous couple!

According to the beauty experts, Cindy's been saying, 'Filler-Up' to injections.

We know the supermodel believes in her own skin care line, Meaningful Beauty, but even the best anti-aging serums and lotions can do just so much to stop the fall of gravity. And as genetically-gifted as Cindy Crawford is, everyone gets older. All faces lose volume and flatten out, and a jawline that was once sharp and contoured, squares off.

So, what did she allegedly do to her face?

"Her cheeks are a lot fuller. She definitely had something injected in her cheeks. Most probably Radiesse or the other option would be Sculptra," California dermatologist, Dr. Ben Behnam told Radaronline.

"They're both designed to give people higher cheekbones. It's very popular in the industry and her cheeks are visibly higher and fuller.".

No. We cannot say for sure if Cindy has resorted to fillers to give her striking features a more youthful buoyancy. But, so what if she has. These days, such injections are used for subtle beauty maintenance.

New York City plastic surgeon, Alan Matarasso told More magazine that a little filler goes a long way:

"The whole key is doing subtle, incremental things that keep up with the aging process rather than going for a homerun."

Not easy to get older, especially when you have to do it in the public eye, and even more difficult, when you are heralded as an iconic supermodel.

Cindy Crawford is a very intelligent woman, and we think she knows where the cosmetic enhancement limit lies. So, to her credit, we think she looks fab.


bae said...

Cindy Crawford doesn't even resemble Cindy Crawford anymore. She should have let nature keep taking its place. I know that no one looks like they did when they were in their 20s but still, she doesn't even look like Cindy. I don't agree with this chipmunk face all the celebrities are doing like Madonna, now Cameron Diaz-ugh! Adrienne Malouf, Camille Grammer, an on + on. Stop with the fillers already!

bae again! said...

Forgot to add Heathre Locklear to the list if overfilled celebrities. WTF! She just ruined her pretty face!I also blame these hacks for doctors who keep OVERinjecting these shallow women.

Anonymous said...

What hapened to Cindy Crawford???
She use to be so pretty.
Something looks off---
Im not sure I would ever try those fillers now.

Anonymous said...

Looks older than46.

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