Thursday, January 12, 2012

Critics Pan Halle Berry's Bucking The Trend Emerald Engagement Ring

Fact #1. Halle Berry has recently gotten engaged to Olivier Martinez.

Fact #2. The ring is NOT your typical diamond stunner. Instead, it's an emerald AND diamond stunner nestled in a wide gold band.

So, we ask....What's wrong with Halle Berry's engagement ring??

We think it is gorgeous AND different. And yet the critics from far and wide, continue to knock the green gemstone as if it weren't a worthy choice.

Consider this---a high grade emerald in all its vivid green beauty can rival that of a sparkling diamond.

Jewelers say that if you find an emerald that is of top color and top clarity, don't be surprised to learn, that an emerald of that caliber is more expensive per carat than a diamond of the same carat weight.

We've since found out, that in many cultures it is the emerald hue that represents love, spring, rebirth and new beginnings. And don't forget that for 4,000 years and counting, the emerald was first adored by sultans, pharaohs, kings, queens and many rulers of the world.

Look what else we found about emeralds from

"Larger emeralds are rarer than smaller ones and very difficult to find in mines. On average, they have to remove 5 tons of dirt to find an emerald over 1 carat in gem quality. That is why a 3 carat emerald will cost more than three emeralds of 1 carat each of the same quality.

"When you work with colored stones the really important part is the COLOR more than the size. Put two emeralds together, one in 1 carat and other in 2 carats. If the smaller one has better tone and saturation than the larger one, I can guarantee, your eyes will go directly to that one. Your attention and your admiration will be focused on the smaller one."

Congratulations, Halle Berry. We'd take an emerald engagement ring in a heartbeat!

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