Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Secret Weapon Used By Celeb Stylists To Make Big Shiny Hair

We are going to buy a bottle of this tonight, and see if we can create a super blow-out. We're talking about Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion. It's only $4.49 for a whopping 8.5 oz amount at Walgreens.

We've read about this hair product through People's BeautyWatch and Allure magazine. And we just found out, that Rihanna's stylist, Ursula Stephen, uses this long-lasting drugstore formula before stars hit the red carpet.

Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion is really a triple-threat secret beauty weapon. And here's why:

"I use it as a (1)primer before a blow-out, as a (2)texture enhancer to scrunch and shape waves, and as a (3)setting lotion for roller sets," Ursula

Now, that's what we call a versatile hair product. Plus, the lotion is a big shine-booster. And as we all can see, Rihanna knows how to work a hair-do. She's a true beauty chameleon, never afraid to change it up, again and again. At the moment, she's sporting darker, wild curly locks.

All you do is shampoo first, then massage a bit of Motions lotion through your locks, and then style as you please.

It's not sticky or stiff, and the collagen amino acids product holds hair in place, giving you lots of body and bounce!

Learn more here at Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion.


Anonymous said...

Ive been looking for a product that cd do all 3.

J. Tania Stylianos said...

Hi everyone:
This is very good hair styling product. I just bought a bottle and tried it last night before blow-drying. You only need to use a little. It's an amazing shine-booster and volumizer! I love it. Just one little thing---it is a bit drying and I have some 'static electricity' in my hair, as they say, but---if I can build healthy volume....I am in! This Motions Wrap Lotion is a keeper!