Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Taking Care Of Teeth Never Looked So Glam: Try Flossbox

Imagine this:

A dental flossing kit complete with a mirror and 16.5 yds. of floss, and it all fits into a small and skinny as a credit card container?!

Believe it. This is a cool trend for 2012. It's called, Flossbox, and it's a glam new way to keep your smile healthy and fresh. And we love the sheer flatness of this flossing kit. This is a MUST for every makeup bag. And besides, what girl doesn't love a mirror to make sure everything is where it's supposed to be or not to be---like that spinach stuck between your teeth.

And it comes in a variety of gorgeous packaging. Check out the leopard, just $4.99. Plus, you can personalize it at Flossbox.com with a message for fun and inspiration.

Let's be honest....Flossing your teeth can become quite the bore, but we all know that it's a very important step in our daily healthy teeth routine. So, why not make it a bit more exciting. These tiny Flossboxes are ADORABLE and would make for great gifts. And they're avaliable at your neighborhhood drugstore.

For more details, visit Flossbox.

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