Monday, January 23, 2012

Get Gorg Like Gwyneth With Her $425 Glam GOOP Cleanse

There's Gwyneth Paltrow at the beach in the Caribbean last year, showing off a tiny blue bikini surrounded by an incredibly toned body.

And this year, the actress and mom-of-two, still looks svelte with a flat tummy. Plus, she's 39-years-old. Now that's pretty amazing.

And apparently, the Oscar winner would also like you to look like her, too, by investing $425 in the GOOP brand colon cleanse. It's a 21-day detox cleanse kit, a method that Gwyneth swears by. She's selling the detox kit from her popular newsletter website Goop.

But heck, it sounds pretty tasty to us---1 low-calorie meal a day, 2 protein shakes, and some vitamins.

Some nutrition experts are pooh-pooh-ing (couldn't resist), the actress' cleanse kit since she is not a doctor or expert in that field. However, Gwyneth really DOES do a 21-day cleanse often.

Three years ago, we learned about Gwyneth's cleanse, developed by her doctor and detox diet specialist, Dr. Alejandro Junger. It is made up of two liquid meals a day with a solid one (no processed foods, dairy, sugar, etc) in between.

But this $425 cleanse the actress is selling under her GOOP brand is a bit different from Dr. Junger's cleanse, although she designed the GOOP cleanse with him. So, you know it is legit.

If you have an extra $425 lying around, and you REALLY need to detox-diet, then by all means, plunk the cash down. But seriously, we think you can make your very own poop cleanse the old-fashioned way, with some healthy foods and beverages.

We're not knocking Gwyneth Paltrow. She is a very disciplined and health-conscious woman. But $425???

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Anonymous said...

LUV LUV your website! Your insight and way of speaking to us is great! But I have to say this GOOP girl is out-of-touch with most of us here on planet earth. Where the hell am I goiong to get an extra $425 bucks to shell out for a dinky detox kit. Is she for real?! WTF---Gwyneth---get a grip. Im so tired of all these celebrities selling and selling their useless and expensive junk and GOOP!
Sign me,
Broke in Brooklyn