Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nicole Richie Admits She Buys Maybelline Mascara But Can't Apply Makeup

We believe that Nicole Richie has one of the best pairs of celebrity eyes around.

In fact...her big eyes are magnificent!

So we were taken aback, when we read that she's all thumbs when it comes to applying her makeup. She relies on a professional artist to make her public appearances.

Look at what she recently told InStyle magazine:

"I actually don’t know how to put on makeup — at all," Nicole she confesses to "I have to get it done every time I want to wear makeup. I do not know how to wear it at all. It’s so bad."

"I don’t even own it,"
she continues. "I only own under-eye concealer, Maybelline mascara, and an eyelash curler."

Okay, first, let's give props to the petite beauty who owns at least 3 beauty items. And the 3 are designed to boost the gorgeous doe eyes she already has.

We have reported before, about Nicole Richie's inability to put on her own makeup well, so we also admire her honesty. And once again, she has mentioned Maybelline mascara as her go-to brand.

This is what she said in an interview to a Japanese publication, ViVi, back in 2009>:

Q: What’s your favourite eye make-up brand? [ViVi model/Laura]

Nicole: For eyeliner, M.A.C’s liquid type, and Maybelline for mascara! The truth is, I’m not very good at make-up and have no idea what I should do with it! All I’m decent at is eyeliner. Whenever I use a professional make-up artist, I always have them stick false lashes on me, but I could never do it myself [laughs]! So I love mascara! Maybelline is great because it’s inexpensive and easy to use!

Pretty revealing stuff. Nicole Richie is no different from many wealthy celebrities who hire makeup artists for all their public and red carpet events.

We just assumed, that if we had a professional makeup artist paying us a visit several times a month, that we would pick up a few easy tips to help us put our best face forward on our alone time.

Here's something Nicole Richie is really good at doing solo----"I can do my own hair," she explains.

Now, that's where we struggle daily.

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becca#493 said...

I think celebrities are spoiled rotten- make HUGE amounts of $$$ and are too lazy to do their own makeup.I measn ifI could afford a pro to do my makeup I prbably would!